Pompeii Amalfi Positano Tour

Your Licensed English speaking driver will pick you up at your Hotel or Villa by a Mercedes air conditioned vehicle and he will welcome you introducing himself and the program of your Pompeii Amalfi Positano Tour. On the way he will give you a running commentary related to culture, history and traditions and of course he will stop on the way to give you time to take pictures at the best view points. During the day he will recommend you nice restaurant for your lunch and he will give you tips for your shopping.


One of the most important examples of Roman civilization and looks like a great open book on the art, customs , trades on the daily lives of the past. The city has re-emerged from the darkness of centuries as it was at the time when it was suddenly covered by a thick layer of ash spills, along with lava, with the devastating eruption of Mount Vesuvius.It was 79 AD the tragedy was enormous: in what had been one of the most active and the most splendid Roman centers life stopped forever. The thick layer of eruptive material that washed over him, consisting largely of ash and lapilli that has allowed the City came intact to this day not only in its architecture but also in everything that was inside the house or inside the shops, providing a picture of the daily ' incredibly fascinating. The city unearthed thus constitutes an exceptional historical evidence of Roman civilization: the memories of the past, so alive in the remains brought to light, make up the charm of today.


Discover the beauty of this piece of land, it is a must for lovers of beauty. The haunting beauty of the landscape, the mildness of the climate, the high rocks on the blue of the Tyrrhenian Sea, lush vegetation, the layout of the country by white cubic houses with roofs of spherical shape, the many towers, which were served to report to the inhabitants of the imminent arrival of the Saracens, with the smoke by day and fire by night, many towers placed on promontories of the coast, make Amalfi an angle of a paradise on earth.


Pearl of the Amalfi Coast, Positano looks like a group of pastel colored houses clinging to the steep wall of Mons Lactarius, which are reflected in the clear sea, surrounded by the intense fragrance of lemon and bright and vivid colors of the bougainvillea. To follow, a maze of alleys and steps between stores that offer typical local crafts, which, together with the undisputed beauty of the landscape, has made Positano famous all over the world. We refer to the fresh linen dresses in style "Positano fashion", to leather sandals or leather, the colorful ceramics and limoncello.

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