Pompeii and Wine

Shore Excursion

At your disembarking you will find one of our Licensed English speaking driver that for an easy identification will be holding a sign with your name on it and he will welcome you introducing himself and the program of your Pompeii and Wine Shore excursion. On the way he will give you a running commentary related to culture, history and traditions and of course he will stop on the way to give you time to take pictures at the best view points.


The city of Pompeii has ancient origins as those of Rome, the gens Pompeia in fact descended from an early Italic peoples, Oscans. Only after the mid-seventh century BC, a primitive settlement settled on the future site of Pompeii. In the fall of 79 A.D. Pompeii was the victim of a violent eruption of Vesuvius. The city was buried under a rain of ash and lapilli that, except for an interval of a few hours, it fell unbroken to form a layer of at least ten yards. At the time of the eruption many buildings were still under reconstruction due to the earthquake of 62. The date of this eruption is known to us on the basis of a letter of Pliny the Younger and should correspond to 24 August.

Wine Tour

After your visit sit back in the vehicle and allow our knowledgeable chauffeurs to take you to the wineries Cantine del Vesuvio. Let's talk of all about the legends of the famous wine Lacryma Christi product on the slopes of Vesuvius, that you'll appreciate, along with other wines during your lunch at Cantine del Vesuvio: Lucifer stole a piece of paradise and used it to build the Bay of Naples. Saddened by the theft and loss, Jesus Christ would weep bitterly and from his tears was born the Lacryma Christi wine. Christian version inherited from pagan mythology rooted since the first human settlements as evidenced by the fresco of Bacchus on Mount Vesuvius preserved in the House of the Centenary at Pompeii

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