Pompeii Vesuvius Tour

Your Licensed English speaking driver will pick you up at your Hotel or Villa by a Mercedes air conditioned vehicle and he will welcome you introducing himself and the program of your Pompeii Vesuvius Tour. On the way he will give you a running commentary related to culture, history and traditions and of course he will stop on the way to give you time to take pictures at the best view points. During the day he will recommend you nice restaurant for your lunch.


Recognizing the event due tragedy , we will pause to describe the benefits that posterity were able to derive from the discovery of the buried cities. The eruption of the volcano occurred in broad daylight, the volcanic products buried daily life literally petrifying the gestures of people and their belongings , leaving us a snapshot of the chilling terror of the people he was going to die in the midst of daily activity relished. Under the ruins of the volcano were hundreds of testimonies documenting life in a quiet town Roman fossilized remains of food, crafts, tools, furniture, transportation and then in addition to whole buildings, private houses and patrician of the people, buildings public, the forum, the sacred temples not to mention the considerable amount of mosaics and frescoes. We can say that the great importance of the discovery of the buried city lies both in having helped to provide new material to archoelogi whose work became more and more scientific and attentive to reconstruct the facts in a coherent manner . The excavations at Pompeii have therefore marked a turning point in the history of archeology.

Mont Vesuvius

It is one of the most famous and dangerous volcanoes in the world. Vesuvius has two peaks: Mt Somma an Mt Vesuvius. He was born problably 400.00 years ago and has many eruptions in its history, incluing the famous 79 AD that destroyed Pompeii, Herculaneum and Stabiae. Even the 1632 eruption was even more tragic killed more than 4.000 people. The present crater, a circle 500 feet in diameter , was born with the last eruption, that of 1944, which caused dozens of deaths: Vesuvius has erupted "only" lava flows and ash. Since then, the Vesuvius it is quiet: there are still some of the fumaroles that emit puff of smoke and occasionally feel some small earthquake. However, it can in no way be considered off. On the shores of Vesuvius, was established in 1841, the first volcano observatory in the world, which still exists and is in charge of monitoring the volcano. On its slopes and within a possible new eruption millions of people live, the roads are clogged with traffic and there are many illegal buildings up below the mouth of the volcano.For this reason it is considered the most dangerous volcano in the world. We will climb the volcano, admire the lava fields along the flanks of the mountain, the Giant's Valley in spring is covered by gorse in bloom, the crest of Monte Somma . From here you have a beautiful landscape: the Great Cone and lava eruption of 1944.

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