Pompeii Sorrento Positano Tour

Your Licensed English speaking driver will pick you up at your Hotel or Villa by a Mercedes air conditioned vehicle and he will welcome you introducing himself and the program of your Pompeii Sorrento Positano Tour. On the way he will give you a running commentary related to culture, history and traditions and of course he will stop on the way to give you time to take pictures at the best view points. During the day he will recommend you nice restaurant for your lunch and he will give you tips for your shopping.


An evergreen garden of delights overlooking the sea. As a holiday destination, the picturesque resort Bell has been known since antiquity. Thanks to an exceptional microclimate has welcomed guests such as Byron, Wagner, Nitzche Cross. Between cliffs and spectacular views, the scent of lemons renowned exported from ancient times all over the world, is everywhere you will spend 1 hour or more discovering the village.


It 's set among the rocks, all vertical, with colorful houses, one on the other, between the lemon gardens, vineyards, olive groves and lush infinite nature. The fabulous beaches of volcanic sand and pebbles, like Marina Grande and Fornillo, the church of St. Mary of the Assumption with the precious majolica dome, the Saracen towers, the villages of Montepertuso and Nocelle are just some of the treasures of Positano. The fashion of Positano and the food do the rest...


Life in Pompeii spent quiet , in 62 AD a violent earthquake struck the city , after which they began the work of reconstruction until August 24 , 79 AD happened , if not the largest by far the most famous natural disaster which has hit the Western world. In the early hours of the afternoon, the summit of Vesuvius split open with a terrible roar, while a black cloud, like a pine, rose up from the volcano, spilling on the ground ash and lapilli. Deadly sulfur fumes penetrated everywhere in the city, suffocating all those who sought shelter inside the houses, hiding in rooms plus repaired unnecessarily covering his face with their cloaks and robes. Who was trying to come out was soon hit by lava and pumice boulders falling more and more dense. After three days, the sun returned to illuminate a desolate wasteland of earth that covered for six or seven meters in what had been the thriving city of Pompeii. After 1700 years have been brought to light the village and the men that in the light and life had been so violently torn.

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