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At your disembarking you will find one of our Licensed English speaking driver that for an easy identification will be holding a sign with your name on it and he will welcome you introducing himself and the program of your Pompeii Sorrento Capri Shore Excursion. On the way he will give you a running commentary related to culture, history and traditions and of course he will stop on the way to give you time to take pictures at the best view points.


August 25, 9 am the mountain that the ancients were now accustomed to see in the peaceful aspect of mountain surrounded by vineyards that produced, due to the characteristic of the lava soil, the finest wine in Italy, he woke up suddenly. From the summit torn by fire and explosions from the lava, a huge cloud of lava, ash and slag, darkened the sun and poured around with the destructive fury of the great cataclysms primordial earth . In the evening Pompeii no longer existed. Buried under a layer of seven meters of lapilli and ash from the volcano and fallen from the sky. Of his ten thousand people present, about seven managed to escape immediately, the others did not realize that the danger was not the slow snowfall of ashes, while almost spectacular dramatic, but it was the fumes from poison gas that these ashes brought with them, that silent and aggressive mowed those who had lingered to recover items before fleeing. Many did not understand right away that even running away with the ashes only a few inches high, you could walk but breathing the poisons, in fact many died during their escape. Lasted three days August 24 to 26, Pompeii was completely covered by 7 meters of ash and lapilli, and after more than 2 centuries, we can visit the ruins of this city reliving the Roman times


Located in the northern part of the peninsula of is undoubtedly one of the Italian places that entered the circuit of international tourism. the special charm that sets it apart from any other city is represented primarily by the particular topography of the area. Sorrento is located on the heights of tuff overlooking the sea; water erosion has carved out over time by giving it its present appearance. The legend says that Sorrento is derived from the name of the mythical mermaids, half woman half fish, which pushed the sailors to wreck against the rocks. As history indicates the derivation from the greek word "surreo" which means "to flow together." According to tradition, the origin of Sorrento is attributed to the Greeks and in particular to Riparo, the son of the king of Ausoni, who in the sixth century B.C. conquered this land.


After your free time drive to Sorrento port where after helping you to buy hydrofoil tickets (1.30pm), our service will end. Crossing is about 20 minutes and once on the Island you can reach the famous Piazzetta (main square) dedicated to Umberto I by cablecar (Funicolare) from there you can walk to the public Garden (or Augustus’s Garden) with a wonderful view on the Faraglioni rocks, symbol of Capri. At 4.25 an Hydrofoil will take you back to the port in time for your last boarding.This itinerary is only a suggestion you can choose to visit Anacapri instead of Capri, blue grotto or a nice boat trip around the Island.

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