Pompeii Vesuvius Herculaneum Tour

Pompeii Vesuvius and Herculaneum tour is designed to learn the Roman history in its greatest tragedy.

One of our Licensed English speaking driver will pick you up at your accomodation by a Mercedes air conditioned vehicle and he will welcome you introducing himself and the program of your Pompeii Vesuvius Herculaneum Tour.

During the day he will give you a running commentary related to culture, history and traditions, he will unswer to any questions you will have about your Pompeii Vesuvius and Herculaneum day Tour.

All the drivers are not allowed to take you inside of the archaeological sites, to enjoy the tour in Pompeii and or Herculaneum we highly recommend an Official Guide that provide insightful commentary, information on history and unswer to all your questions. We can provide this service upon request.

We will start your tour driving to Pompeii, your driver will stop as close as possible to the entrance to the Archaeological site and he will point you the tickets office, restroom, where if you need buy a bottle of water and of course he will give you details about meeting point and time for your pick up after your Pompeii tour that will take 2 hours.

If you choose to be guided your driver will introduce you to him/her and will be possible for him/her to skip the line an buy the tickets for you. You can save money buying the Pompeii and Herculaneum tickets 22.00 euro instead of 24.00 euro per person, under 18 years old the entrance is free if you bring with you the ID or Passport.

Pompeii the most important roman archaeological site in the world destroyed in about 3 hours during which about twenty thousand people and thousands of thousands of animals died atrociously: hit by the lapilli asphyxiated by poisonous gas and ash. They died and remained buried under a blanket high from 3 to 6 meters of ash, pumice stones, sand and lapilli which soon grew the grass. It was August 29, 79 AD. During your tour walking through the ruins you will admire Houses, Therme, Bakery place, Restaurants, Theaters, the Forum, Plaster cast of people die 2000 years ago and much more.

After your Pompeii tour we will proceed our tour to Vesuvius that explodes suddenly after centuries of inactivity but still there, active and attractive, fertile and fatal, mysteriously impressive. We will reach 1000 meters in height, where after parking your driver will show the ticket office and the entrance of the climb to the summit of the volcano.

Entrance fees at Vesuvius is 10.00 euro per person for adults and 8.00 euro per person for under 18, remember to bring with you ID or passport for the kids.

Once you reach the top after about twenty minutes, will open a world of sea, islands, coasts belonging to the Gulf of Naples, spectacular and breathtaking.

The tour will continue to Herculaneum, where prior to the visit you will have time to enjoy lunch, it will be advised by your driver a nice place for a quick lunch, pizza or sandwiches.

Herculaneum that at the time of the eruption was a fairly large town of about 4000 inhabitants. Today, it is visible in the open only a small portion, and many important buildings are inaccessible. Herculaneum was hit by a pyroclastic flow, and then submerged in a river of mud that has hardened over the city, sealing everything under a layer about 16 meters high. In this way, many things have been perfectly preserved: vegetables, fabrics, furniture and parts of wooden beams, even a boat, but also the upper floors of buildings. And with them a precise idea of the volumes and construction techniques.

Today, visiting Pompeii and Herculaneum you will have the impression of being right at the time of the ancient Romans.

At the end of your Herculaneum Tour you will be driven to your accomodation.

Visiting Pompeii Vesuvius and Herculaneum: We highly recommend you to wear conmfortable shoes, bring a bottle of water,  sunscreen and a hat.

Cancellation Policy: Credit card information are not required as per payments in advance, we kindly ask that cancellations be made by e-mail at least 4/5 days in advance so we can rebook your service and your reserved driver does not lose work for that day. Thank you for your cooperation and consideration.  

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