Amalfi Coast Tour

Your Amalfi coast Tour is designed to cover the beautiful villages of Positano Amalfi and Ravello.

Your Licensed English speaking driver will pick you up at your accommodation by a Mercedes air conditioned vehicle and he will welcome you introducing himself and the program of your Amalfi coast Tour.

During the day he will give you a running commentary related to culture, history and traditions, he will unswer to any questions you will have about your Amalfi coast day tour and of course he will stop on the way to give you time to take pictures at the best view points.

To reach Positano we will drive along the scenic road to see the landscape where Greeks Romans and other colonies lived in ancient times and the place that hosted the Sirens as on the islands of Li Galli, never fails to seduce those who arrive here.

If you agree, due to high hedges along the Amalfi Coast we will use a Mercedes Viano/Vito higher vehicle versus a regular sedan Mercedes in order to fully capture the scenery of the coastline.

Once in Positano during your free time you will have time to visit the Cathedral dedicated to the Vergin Mary, seat at a café enjoyng the view or do your shopping Positano is well know all over the world for fashion you will become crazy in choosing a dress or a scarf in linen full of colors, fancy as are sandals that power to customize to your liking, choose the shape, colors, leather, and feel happy to wear something unique in the world.

Traveling to Amalfi following the natural curves of the coastal you will admire the small village of Praiano seat of a university Angevin, the summer residence of the Amalfi doges and place of production of silks and admire Furore that was Terra Furoris because during the stormy nights the noise of the sea was actually very loud, a very small town situated in the homonymous fiord.

We will park near the entrance of Amalfi and here your driver will give you again all the information on what to see, the best memory to buy. *He will also give time for your lunch showing you the best place to enjoy a delicious pizza or enjoy the delights of typical Italian dishes.

Not to be missed in Amalfi:

A good puff with ricotta cheese and peel of oranges born in the Santa Rosa's Monastery of Amalfi

The Amalfi paper, the most appreciated by Italian: agendas, business cards or a handmade picture depicting the Amalfi coast. The work consisted in collecting rags and cotton fabrics which were then beaten with wooden mallets in order to break the fibers. 

The most beautiful attraction in Amalfi is the Duomo built in the ninth century, dedicated to St. Andrew with many stairs before the entry (62) but it is really worth a visit.

Between curves, cliffs and coves, we will continue to Ravello one of the most attractive destinations on the Amalfi Coast.

Most of Ravello’s monuments date back to the 11th to 13th centuries, when Arab-Sicilian art reached its peak.

On the way to Ravello you will be also enraptured by the smallest town in Southern Italy for territorial extension, Atrani.

Ravello is one of the most attractive destinations on the Amalfi Coast, the uppermost village in the coast and "spiritual homeland" that has inspired writers and artists everywhere.

Not to be missed in Ravello:

Duomo dedicated to San Pantaleone

Villa Rufolo where every year is celebrated in memory of the stay of Richard Wagner the Wagnerian Concerts. Many of these concerts are made in the beautiful garden of the villa where it grows a huge variety of plants, colorful and fragrant flowers with a breathtaking view.

Villa Cimbrone who owes his celebrity to the "infinity terrace", a twentieth-century building commissioned by the English nobleman William Beckett.

And after be inebriated by the breathtaking Amalfi coast drive back to your location

*For our guests that want to enjoy lunch in Positano we will start the tour driving first to Ravello then Amalfi and early in the afternoon about 2.00pm we can be in Positano for your lunch and free time

Visiting the Amalfi coast: We highly recommend you to wear conmfortable shoes, bring a bottle of water,  sunscreen and a hat. If you will visit Churches all shoulders and knees must be covered

Cancellation Policy: Credit card information are not required as per payments in advance, we kindly ask that cancellations be made by e-mail at least 4/5 days in advance so we can rebook your service and your reserved driver does not lose work for that day.   

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